TicketAssistant Software Download

To proceed, please confirm the download of TicketAssistant setupTA4066.exe.

Some Notes on Windows Security

You may get a popup message saying "Windows protected your PC" from Windows10.
If you click on the "More info" link under the message about Windows Defender you'll see an option to run the program (installer) anyway.

See the following screen shots for a more detailed description.

Example of the Download Process - Windows10

#1 - after clicking on the 'Download TicketAssistant 4.0.xx' link, you'll see the following (assumes Chrome browser):

(after you click on the OK button above, the name of the executable appears in the lower left corner)

#2 - Click on that executable name in the bottom left corner. You'll then see this security warning:

#3 - Click on the 'More Info' link

#4 - and finally click on the 'Run anyway' button. The install process should then run.

Note - as the install begins you will likely get the screen blanking and a message entitled "User Account Control" is displayed asking "Do you want to allow this app ...". You'll want to select 'Yes'.

If you are using the Internet Explorer browser

The first screen in step #1 above will look like:

In this case, click on the 'Run' button and continue with step #2 above.