TicketAssistant Release History




4.0.66 January 2018
  • Fix bug in 'Cleanup Old Events and Orders' that was messing with seat assigments for remaining orders.
  • Added an [If Category Abbr xx] to ticket template handling.

With Online TicketAssistant Accounts

  • Bug with online handling of seats when using multiple seating sections now fixed.
4.0.65 November 2017
  • On Sale Date was sometimes setting to an odd time-of-day. Now always midnight.
  • Redisplay problems after cleaning up old shows etc. Now fixed.

With Online TicketAssistant Accounts

  • After online sales cutoff time and 'Sold Out' criteria met, show "Sold Out" rather than "5 tickets left at door" message.
  • Status.php - fixes to totals count. Added option to display actual customer names for a show.
4.0.64 June 2017
  • Cleanup handling of accented characters in various titles, names, notes etc.
  • Export command has additional option to export only the current active Event.
  • CleanupOldEvents command - minor bugs fixed.
  • VIP setting for an order is now a dropdown list of possible "special" status settings. You can add your own names to that list.

With Online TicketAssistant Accounts

  • Display of titles with accented characters fixed.
  • Status.php display of current seating and totals had miscounting when seat notation used numeric "row names" as in 8#1-6.
4.0.62 April 2017
  • The Venue screen now allows you to transfer directly to the Venue seating editor.
  • Report screens are now limited to the current screen size.
  • Improvements in reporting and dealing with double-booked seats when they occur.
  • When seating plans get very wide (or high) you can now Pan the screen to see all the seats. Alt+arrows.

With Online TicketAssistant Accounts

  • Fixed bug where doing SaveToWeb and not every seating section of every event had a valid ticket category.
  • New Web Links button on order screen shows convenient browser links to customer orders. Use these when responding to customer emails.
  • New Cleanup command makes it easier to remove old Events, and Orders. Prompts for updates to Customer lists, historic sales data, and local backups as well.
  • Online notification to you (the box office) now flags orders where the customer has added a Note when ordering. This is flagged in the Subject line so you are reminded when to check the notes.
  • Additional online (Admin program) sales chart showing dollars/day and orders/day over time.
  • Customer notification emails now use a new mailing system which (hopefully) reduces the number of messages that are corrupted when received by customers.
4.0.59 August 2016
  • Online PayUs page now allows you to customize the PAYUS_TITLE and PREFACE_PAYUS fields to vary depending on the payment type field. This allows you to provide specific information for each type of payment you are processing with the PayUs feature.
  • The TicketAssistant Quick Order screen now allows a payment type to be specified. This assists in Reporting of payment types.
  • When designing printed Ticket templates the Text Edit dropdown list has been expanded to include a "preview" of what each [substitution] string will display. This makes it a bit more obvious what the various substitution keywords mean.
  • When designing seating layouts with Round tables, you can now control where at the table Seat#1 is positioned. Before this Seat#1 was always at the top of the seating plan. Now it can be at any position.
4.0.58 June 2016
  • Online Performance list now sorted by Date when multiple Events defined. (was sorted by Event first.)
  • Preprinted tickets and Dymo450 error fixed.
  • New [ShowDate format] embedded text macro allows custom date formats. Format such as [Showdate MMMM] will display as Saturday for instance.
4.0.57 Feb 2016
  • Seating plans with rotated seats now display more correctly on the web.
  • Bug in table seating that prevented numbering of tables (as opposed to letter names) has been fixed.
  • A third "Merchant Receipt" printed ticket option is now available.
4.0.55 Sep 2015
  • Minor change to Event setup to include a Note field that can be used to augment the Event title line in Reports.
  • Minor changes to Tax handling.
4.0.54 Jun 2015
  • Optional Tax can be added to Order totals. You can specify tax as a percentage of the total ticket cost. Separate settings in the Online system allow you to add the tax to the total amount presented to the customer for payment.
4.0.50 Mar 2015
  • Bug that caused desktop TicketAssistant to display seats further apart than they should. Most noticable when compared to the online display. (bug was introduced in version 4.0.48)
  • Added a Pay Online button to desktop Order screen. This allows use of the online payment system (eg Paypal) to be used to pay for orders taken via the boxoffice system. When given a credit card over the telephone, you can use it to pay for a ticket order.
  • Feature to embed the online payment link above into an email that is sent to the customer.
  • Online feature to allow a customer to add a Donation to their ticket order. Additional reporting within the boxoffice/desktop software for Donations.
  • Fix to a bug in the desktop software where the Windows background would turn grey when switching from the normal Order screen to the QuickOrder screen.
4.0.48 Feb 2015
  • TicketAssistant ticket layouts now include a [VenueAddress] substitution string.
  • New TicketeAssistant report by revenue source.
  • Bug saving when in Seat Edit mode now fixed.
  • New Copy Venue command in Seat Edit mode.
  • Web - fixes to Coupon handling.
  • Web - the AGREE_CHECK option wasn't working, now fixed.
  • Web - new 'Cart' feature where customers can go back and select additional tickets from different Events or Performances. New online _CART_OK option is in Seating settings.
  • Web - changes to Notification emails to more clearly list purchased items.
  • Web - new 'Reserve Tickets without Payment' option under _PAYMENT_SYSTEM setting. Allows a configuration where customers reserve online, but pay at-the-door.
4.0.47 Dec 2014
  • Web coupons enhanced to include 'promotion' coupons. Now includes Discount coupons and 'Buy 2 get 1 free' type of coupons.
  • Web users can display current Sales graphs directly from TicketAssistant menu.
  • The online html pages now resize automatically to fit mobile and hand-held devices.
4.0.46 Jun 2014
  • Individual performances can be marked as "Not available to online customers".
  • Additional options on the Order Selection screen.
  • The Customer List can be searched by customer name or telephone number.
  • An optional "Special Needs" checkbox has been added to the Order screen. Used to create a Report of these orders.
  • View commands to alter which performances are listed in the Performance dropdown list.
  • Proper handling of French currency syntax.
  • Enhanced Admin control over deleting Events, Performances, and their associated orders with a new Order Maintenance command.
  • The Order screen now lists only those ticket categories which are available for the current Performance.
4.0.45 Mar 2014
  • Report command now has 'Report with Additional Notes' option.
  • New Web 'Save Sales History' works in conjunction with online web sales graphs to compare past shows to the current one.
  • Bug where accented characters were not printing correctly on tickets printed from TicketAssistant.
4.0.43 Jan 2014
  • Customer List feature now include ability to Import and Export from local disk (Admin users only)
4.0.42 Jan 2014
  • Minor fix to multi-venue display when editing seating plans.
  • Re-design or customer list feature. Now only available with online web subscription. List is maintained on the website rather than a local file.
4.0.41 Jan 2014
  • Additional Send Email command allows sending of order updates or other message directly from TicketAssistant Order screen.
  • Now possible to select customer name/email/phone from a dropdown list of previous customers. See Tools>Options command. A Tools>UpdateCustomerList enables adding current customers to a master list.
  • When connected to an online database you can now set an auto resync time interval to keep your desktop synchronized with the online database.
  • Recently opened files list can now be cleared on demand.
  • Online Admin configuration pages updated for more convenient use.
  • Some obsolete commands removed from TicketAssistant program.
4.0.40 Sept 2013
  • Added multi-Venue support. You can now have different seating plans for each Event.
  • Events now include an override on the seating style (open seating, customer selected, automatic).
  • A number of new Order Delete features to clean up shows and Events that are now completed.
  • New "hover" tooltips on the Order screen include ticket pricing for quick reference.
4.0.36 Mar 2013
  • Minor fixes to desktop TicketAssistant program. Existing customer will see little difference.
  • Many new changes to online system. Existing customers will only see the following changes when they switch to the latest online service:
  • Web orders can now support ticket categories that represent multiple seats. For example a "4 tickets for $50" type of category.
  • Online order system revised. Customer now enters ticket categories and requested number of tickets on an initial page. Then moves on to seat selection. (original combined screen confusing to some.)
  • A new optional payment feature allows you to establish links on you website where customers can pay for non-ticket items - patronships etc.
4.0.35 Feb 2013
  • Fix to a problem with ticket seat colors introduced in version 4.0.34
4.0.34 Jan 2013
  • Additional customization available for most of the web templates using a new *Preface* area on the web pages.
  • Online order now send automatic email confirmation and options e-tickets. These can also be sent from the desktop TicketAssistant program.
4.0.32 Oct 2012
  • New [Notes] button on order form brings up a larger window for editing notes.
  • New [+] button on order form allows additional extra seats to be added. Use when circumstances require an extra chair be added to a row or table.
  • Reports will ignore orders under the name *NFS*. Assign seats to an order under this name to indicate Not For Sale.
4.0.30 Sept 2012
  • bug where if ticket counts typed in rather than selected from listbox followed by an immediate order save did not save the updated counts. Now fixed.
  • Web software now has Gift Certificate processing.
4.0.28 August 2012
  • Database format update. All performance references now include the EventID as well.
  • Web 'Vendor Mode' added. This allows you to enable authorized 3rd parties to take cash payments and enter orders online. See docs for details.
  • Web administrators can now create backups of the database and restore them.
  • Desktop TicketAssistant now displays a colored background when a Web database is open. This lets you know at-a-glance that you're connected to a Web database.
  • Bug related to even/odd seat numbering using the WTA web software was fixed.
4.0.26 May 2012
  • Fixed problem with online system where an event with 2 performances named (for example) Sat and Sat1 would cause erroneous seat availability display
  • Bug where event abbreviations got renamed while there were existing orders for that event - no longer allowed.
  • Additional support for Dymo 450 Turbo printer.
4.0.24 Mar 2012
  • fixed bug in Export command and ticket printing with multiple seats per Category.
4.0.23 Mar 2012
  • Dymo 450 label printer support added.
  • Rotated text on tickets now supported
  • Expanded information in Export command.
4.0.19 Jan 2012
  • New OnSaleDate added to events. You can use to this set up the system to automatically bring ticket sales online at a specified date.
  • New Pre-sales capability. This allows ticket pre-orders where the customer pays for tickets, but seating is not assigned. Useful when you will be handling special ticket orders such as Patron tickets prior to the "official" OnSaleDate for general sales. With Pre-Sales you can allow pre-selling of general seating before you've dealt with Patron or other special seating.
  • New Open Seating option - the same as the above Pre-sales option, but for the entire show run - essentially allow selling of open-seating online.
4.0.18 Nov 2011
  • Report summary mods to improve readability and make consistent.
  • minor bug in reading old email order messages.
4.0.17 Oct 2011
  • additional validation when loading a ticket file. Catches some conversion errors from 3.x ticket files.
  • Admin users can now reOpen performances that have already occurred.
  • Sales summary chart added to Web tools (Admin.htm)
  • Report command now lists total revenue by Source.
4.0.16 Sept 2011 Minor fix - adding ticket category when orders already present.
4.0.15 Sept 2011 Minor fixes.
4.0.14 Aug 2011 Introduced full on-line ticket purchasing (WTA system).
  • Improved date and time handling.
  • Can now divide seating into Sections for online customers.
  • Improved data file sharing as well as sharing of web-resident order database.
  • Password protect system. Passwords can have different degrees of access to information.
  • Saves change history of each order.
3.0.4 Feb 2011
  • minor fixes to ticket and label printing.
  • New command now creates a blank order only. New Order>DeleteAllOrders command to clear all orders.
  • .tkt file now locked if open - prevents opening by two copies of TicketAssistant at once.
  • some minor bugs and cosmetic changes.
3.0.3 Dec 2010
  • Ticket images filename can now use the current Event name as part of the filename. This enables different images for each Event's tickets.
  • Changes to Summary report to correctly tabulate Sales by Source and Sales by Category.
3.0.0 Dec 2010
  • Multiple Events can be defined, each with multiple Performances.
  • Subscription Tickets can be handled.
  • Allows discount ticket pricing for minimum order size (eg special price for 10 or more tickets)
  • Web order pages for each Event as well as a Subscription order form.
  • Additional backup features.
2.7.2 May 2010 Auto Recovery feature added. In the event of a software crash recent (unsaved) changes can now be recovered.
Currency displays now use your computer's local currency setting - allowing pounds, euros, etc.
Email setup now includes an option to set Port#.
2.7.0 March 2010 Row seating can now be curved as well as straight rows. Rows can be rotated to any angle.
Seat size can be altered for larger venues.
Ticket printing now includes an optional Summary ticket.
Labels can be printed.
Order form handling has been modified. The order form now remains onscreen by default.  If no changes are pending you can switch to a different order by clicking on a seat of the new order. Ctrl+click will save any pending changes then switch to the new order.
2.6.5 Feb 2010 Create Screenshot command added. It creates jpeg images of each show's current assigned seats. Use the Options->settings command to modify a caption line added below each image.
2.6.4 Feb 2010 Fixed bug in backup system.
2.6.3 Feb 2010 Added [AbbrSeatList] text merge option to add string such as "Fri:A10-15" to tickets and emails.
2.6.2 Sept 2009 SMTP Authentication added for outgoing email. 
2.6.1 Sept 2009 Order form Print button only prompts for printer selection the first time.
Updated Paypal interface, added Phone# to order screen.
2.5.3 Aug 2009 Double-click when assigning seats will assign as many in a row as possible.
Vertical (right) order dialog expanded to up to 16 ticket categories. 
Make vertical order the default.
2.5.2 July 2009 Added Print button to Order screen. 
2.5.1 July 2009 Added 50% and 75% zoom factors to ticket editor to handle larger ticket size.
New text embedding options - [CategoryName], [CategoryPrice], [Title], [ShowTime]
WebOrder now supports multiple scripts for parsing incoming web order emails.
Show setup now includes a separate Time field - that can be referenced in text embedding.
2.5.0 May 2009 Revised Web Order html page - uses javascript to validate and submit via a single request to Paypal.
Fixed Adult/Senior/Child/Comp ticket categories replaced with a user-defined list of ticket categories.
Highlight command allows flagging of specified ticket categories with a different color. All highlighting and special seats done with different color borders rather than different solid colors. (Now 3 solid colors - "available", "sold", and "reserved".)
Removed Comp/Special report.
Search command added - finds a specific seat in the backup files.
2.4.5 Feb 2009 Allow for 3-digit seat#. Use smaller font to display these.
2.4.0 March 2008 Paypal mods.
Added Ticket Order source information.

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