TicketAssistant - What does it really Cost?

For most community-based organizations cost is very important. So we want to be as open and up-front about this as possible.
Your Total cost for TicketAssistant is made of up of 3 parts:

  • A license to use TicketAssistant for your group or organization. $99. That includes as many individual copies of the desktop software as you need. Upgrades are free. And if you purchase the first year's online ticket service at the same time we'll reduce that price to $69!
  • If you wish to use TicketAssistant to sell ONLINE tickets you pay $100 per year. We create an online ticket database and all the necessary web stuff you need on our web server. You design your own seating layout, performances dates, pricing etc. with your desktop copy of TicketAssistant. We help you set this all up and get going.
  • For online sales you must set up your own online credit card account. Most use PayPal - which you can set up for free at PayPal.com. Or if you already have a Merchant Account that uses the Authorize.net online system, you can use that instead.

    All of these systems will charge you a small fee for each credit card transaction. For example - for PayPal it is typically 2.9% of the total purchase price plus 30¢ per transaction, though registered charities may be able to get an even lower rate (check with PayPal for details). So this part of your "total cost" will vary depending on how many tickets you sell and at what cost.

We don't believe in surprises or hidden costs. To allow you to get a better idea of exactly how much it's going to cost, we've created a handy Cost Calculator below that will allow you to enter your own seating, pricing, and online sales projections and see what the bottom-line costs will be. Try it and see!

Cost Calculator

Here's a handy cost estimation calculator you can use. It allows you to try various online ticket selling scenarios and see exactly what it's going to cost. Just enter your test scenario into the yellow form fields and click on Show Me! button to see the results below. For convenience you can set up multiple scenarios side-by-side to see how various projections change the results. (We've set up a couple of examples so you can see how it works)

Seats per Performance
Number of Performances per year
Average Ticket Price ($)
Average # of Tickets per Order
Percentage of Orders made Online
Online (PayPal) Fee per Transaction ($)
Online (PayPal) Fee % of Total Sale
TicketAssistant Annual Cost ($)

Total Ticket Revenue
Total # of Orders
Online Revenue
Online # of Orders
Online # of Tickets
Total Online Fees
Total extra cost per Online Ticket



What about the other guys? Well - we've looked at some of the major players - Vendini, BrownBag, ShowClix, Tixado. They're all a lot more expensive. Their 'Cost per Ticket' runs from $1.60-$3.20 per ticket. More than twice what you'll pay with TicketAssistant. How much do you want to pay?

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